Weekend Announcements August 10-12th Pt 1: Digimon Survive, Irony Curtain & More

By Rebecca Smith,
You may have noticed an absence of Weekend Announcements articles for the last few weeks. This is because I've been on holiday and nobody else is stupid enough willing to take them on. The result is that this week's article will be catching up on everything that you may have missed over that period, and this means we have a whopping 18 titles to introduce today. Not all of them are confirmed for Xbox One right now, with some only confirmed for "consoles". Because there are so many, we've split the article into two parts. Part one includes the first nine titles — see if there's anything that interests you.

8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders

You may or may not remember the announcement of Petroglyph Games' 8-Bit Armies nearly 18 months ago. Things went quiet, but now the game has re-emerged and it's bringing two others with it. 8-Bit Hordes is a fantasy-themed RTS title where players can take control of two factions. The first is the DeathSworn, an undead army led by the Orcs. The second is the Lightbringers, consisting of elves, humans, and dwarves. Using either faction, players will storm castles, kill dragons and raid cemeteries. 8-Bit Invaders is a sci-fi RTS set in the Multiverse, where players get to battle with either the Cranioids or the more military-oriented Galactic Marine Corps. All three titles will be arriving in the form of the 8-Bit RTS Series, where the multiplayer modes allow players to mix and match factions and battlefields across titles as they please. 8-Bit Armies will arrive on Xbox One courtesy of SOEDESCO on September 21st, with the other two titles arriving at a later date.


You've been betrayed, left for dead, and you're hopelessly outnumbered. Most people would give up at this point, but not Mr. Wolf. By using any weapon he can find in the world, including hatchets, ladders and carrots, he'll be able to put together "ultra-violent" combos to defeat his enemies, gain revenge, and ultimately find out why he was betrayed in the first place. Paper Cult's "relentless action game" will be coming to consoles next year.

Devil's Hunt

Based on Polish fantasy novel Equilibrium, Layopi Games' third-person action game examines the battle between light and darkness as the Demons and Angels fight for supremacy in the mortal world. Desmond is a man with the powers that can ultimately decide the result of the conflict. Both sides have their own unique skills that they can offer him and it's up to him which side he chooses. You can make that choice yourself as the game will head to Xbox One next year thanks to publisher 1C Company.

Digimon Survive

The 20th anniversary of the Digimon anime sees a new "adventure/tactical RPG" heading to Xbox One next year from WITCHCRAFT and BANDAI Namco. A new group of teenagers find themselves in a dangerous and strange world full of monsters. Under the guidance of Takuma Momozuka, the group must find their way home, but the only way they'll do that is to recruit monster allies and battle their way through. More information is promised soon, although we do know that battles are in a classic 2D SRPG style.


Alawar Premium has once again teamed up with E-Home Entertainment to bring their new "horror/strategy" game, inspired by classic horror film The Thing, to Xbox One on August 24th. A rescue team arrives by helicopter at a remote randomly generated Arctic outpost, but a mysterious light causes it to crash. Now, the team must survive the climate, starvation, and their own senses as they look for a way to escape and find out what happened to the people who previously lived at the base. Each team member has their own personality, traits and stats that make the useful for certain tasks, but they also have their own motives and might not be as trustworthy as they seemed.

Harmonix and NCSOFT Collaboration

After Rock Band 4 didn't do terribly well and with Kinect no longer supported, you'd be forgiven for wondering what Harmonix would be up to now. Well, the developer has teamed up with the creators of Blade & Soul and Lineage, NCSOFT, to create a new "software-based" game that will be arriving on consoles in the future. The game is currently in the very early stages of development and little is known about it, apart from that the latter will focus on publishing while development rests with Harmonix. We'll be sure to bring you more information as we get it.

H.E.L.M.E.T. Force: Rise of the Machines

The headquarters of the HELMET Force have been destroyed and the operatives have all been captured. Now they're out of the way, Baroness MadHead can take over the world, assisted by her mechanical minion army, or at least that's what she thinks. The problem is there were a couple that were missed, and Major B.Campbell and his companion AI Venus are determined to break into the Baroness' Fortress of Doom to rescue their friends and put a stop to her plans. Forge Studios' "action/platformer/brawler" will arrive on Xbox One thanks to the ID@Xbox program.

Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love

Artifex Mundi may well be dropping a surprise title on Xbox One this week, but in terms of the games that are quite a way away, they've decided to start announcing them with plenty of time to spare. The latest title they have in development is a new "satirical point and click adventure" that takes place in the fictional totalitarian communist country of Matryoshka. Corruption is rife. There is no unemployment because this shows the West that Matryoshka is stronger then them, but this means that there are a lot of useless jobs created just so nobody is unemployed. This hasn't prevented poverty, though, and strip-searches are common. As a visitor, will you see through the facade when the game arrives on Xbox One next year?

Stay tuned for part 2 where we'll be looking at the remaining nine titles.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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