Weekend Announcements Pt 2: Nickelodeon Kart Racers, Scribblenauts & More

By Rebecca Smith,
Now that part 1 is out of the way, it's time to move on to the remaining nine titles you may have missed over the last couple of weeks. Here they are:

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers

GameMill Entertainment is creating a racing title that includes characters from Nickelodeon franchises such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rugrats, and Hey Arnold!. Across 24 Slime-themed tracks, up to four players can compete locally or in battle mode to get upgrades for their karts. The title will be arriving on Xbox One during the holiday 2018 period.

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

Pocket Trap has teamed up with Modus Games to bring their beat-’em-up title to Xbox One on September 4th. Taking place on a Japanese Feudal era-inspired fantasy continent, Ninjin the bunny or Akai the fox must travel through the world recovering the carrots that have been stolen from their village by Shogun Moe. The carrots that they collect can be used to buy new equipment, special weapons, masks and customisation items. As well as the campaign, the survival mode Oni TV Show pits players against endless waves of enemies. Will you beat Shogun Moe?


Goblinz Studio's "futuristic turn-based RPG" tasks players with putting together a team of robots to fight their way through a robot revolution, choosing whether to befriend or annoy five different factions as you do so. Along the way, you'll need to hack into computer systems, upgrade your armoury, and maintain your resources as you conquer the randomly generated levels. The game is heading to Xbox One in March 2019.

Scribblenauts Unlimited and Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure were both previously exclusive to Nintendo DS, Wii U, PC and/or mobile platforms, but Shiver Entertainment has teamed up with Warner Bros to bring the pair to Xbox One in a single collection. Unlimited is an open world title that tasks Maxwell with solving puzzles and challenges using any object he can imagine. This new version will include two new levels, the ability to share created objects online, an updated two-player mode and a new text entry system. Unmasked gives players thousands of DC characters and objects to use as Maxwell aids Batman, Superman, and the Justice League as they battle Super-Villains such as The Joker, Lex Luthor and Sinestro. This new version has two new locations, hundreds of new characters, objects and costumes. The collection will be released on September 18th.


Storm Boy: The Game

Blowfish Studios has taken the 1964 children’s novella Storm Boy and recreated the tale in digital form. The titular Storm Boy rescues pelican chicks, and one becomes his pet and companion, Mr. Percival. Players can take control of both characters as they relive their friendship and take part in a range of seaside mini-games like sand drawing, sailing, cockle hunting, playing fetch, sand surfing, and pelican feeding. Mr. Percival can also fly around the Australian location of Coorong, taking in the views alone or with other birds. The title comes to Xbox One later this year.

The Cycle

In YAGER's "match-based FPS" title is not just a simple shooter — players must fulfill contracts during the 20 minute matches on an alien world, Fortuna III. It's up to you whether you complete them alone or whether you team up with other players to do so, but there's always the risk of betrayal. A variety of weapons and equipment allow for many different playstyles, some of which can be created using credit earned in matches. While the title will arrive first on PC, the game is promised for consoles at a later date.

The Sojourn

Shifting Tides has teamed up with Iceberg Interactive to bring their "first-person puzzle game" to Xbox One next year. The protagonist has been born on a beautiful, pure land, but appearances are deceptive. The world is founded on Darkness, which seeps through the tiniest of crevices and creates shadows in the world. Players must investigate the shadows and solve dozens of puzzles to discover the truth about the world across four chapters and a variety of environments.

Tyler: Model 005

Reversed Interactive has joined forces with Maximum Games to bring their "3D action-platformer" to Xbox One next week, August 21st. Players assume the role of a small robot, Tyler, during the 1950s. His creator powered him down years ago, but when he was accidentally powered back on during a thunderstorm, he wants to find out what happened to his creator and his home. He'll have to conquer obstacles, enemies, and puzzles along the way, seeking out sources of light for his power seeing as darkness powers him down. Even furniture becomes a challenge to a small robot.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers

Warlocks vs. Shadows might not have arrived on Xbox One yet, but that isn't stopping Frozen District from bringing the sequel to the console in Q1 2019. Up to four players can team up locally or online to defeat vile gods who want to bring chaos to the multiverse. Players have a choice of five warlocks with 45 abilities between them, including "a crazed goat riding a dwarf-centaur or a tech-savvy e-witch who casts spells from her smartphone". Over 100 upgrades and 120 items also add to the fun.

Now that we've introduced all of the titles, will you be picking up any of these?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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