Microsoft Store Shopping Cart Feature Arrives for Alpha and Beta Preview Rings

By Rebecca Smith,
While many other digital retailers had added some kind of shopping cart feature for customers to collect their purchases before paying for everything at once, Xbox gamers had to purchase one item at a time in one of the more irritating issues with the Microsoft Store. However, Microsoft has finally listened to their customers and is trialling a Shopping Cart feature for players who are in the Preview Alpha – Skip Ahead, Preview Alpha, and Preview Beta rings.

Shopping Cart

Those players who are eligible will see a Cart icon in the top corner of the Microsoft Store. The Cart can be opened once you have added a game, app or physical item, and is persistent across the Xbox One, Windows 10 and web store as long as you're signed in with the same Microsoft account. If you need to think about one or more of your purchases, there's even a "save for later" feature that will remove items from the cart and save them elsewhere until you're ready to purchase or delete them.

Unfortunately, there are a few known issues with the feature while it's in testing:

Anonymous Cart
  • On PC, users toggling between Do not track and Allow anonymous tracking will see discrepancies between the contents of their anonymous shopping carts.
  • Does not affect the Shopping Carts of users who are logged in with an MSA/Gamertag.
  • We’re aware of issues navigating carousels of products from the Cart page (scroll has been disabled).
  • Some items can’t be purchased in certain Storefronts (Office365 or eBooks can’t be purchased from the Xbox Store, for example).
The feature should now be available for all players in the three relevant preview rings. We'll let you know when the feature is rolled out to everyone.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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