Indie Arena Booth Brings 12 New Titles to Gamescom

By Rebecca Smith,
Next week is the start of Europe's biggest gaming conference, Gamescom. All week, developers and publishers have revealing the titles they'll be taking to the show. Most of them are titles we've already seen before, because they won't make any new announcements until the show actually begins. The Indie Arena Booth is an exception to this rule. They've revealed the 82 titles they'll be bringing to the show, although not all of those are coming to or have arrived on Xbox One. In fact, only 35 are coming to Xbox and if you're lucky enough to be able to get to the show, you'll be able to get your hands on these titles, some of which you can see in action in the trailer below. You can find out more information on each title by clicking on the links:

The remaining 12 titles are new games that have never been revealed for Xbox One previously. We've got a brief introduction to each of those games for you. Take a look:

Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Valdi is a world divided into four regions, each of which represents one of the traditional seasons. A thousand years ago, an evil mage was defeated and he was sealed inside a tomb found at the heart of the dome of seasons. To stop him from escaping, four guardians of seasons were appointed, each of which had control over the elements of a single season. As time went on, the responsibility of guardian was passed from father to son through the generations, that was until the son of the guardian of winter was killed in an accident. The guardian's younger daughter, Ary, steps up to take his place and becomes the first female guardian of winter. She has the power to move between all of the seasons, although she can only open up three of them at a time. Her tale is the one players will experience in eXiin's adventure game, which will arrive on Xbox One in Q3 2018.


Inspired by Norse mythology, Wildboy Studios' "story-driven puzzle game" takes place in a Midgard that has been abandoned by the Gods and tainted by unknown forces. The guardians of the realm have disappeared and the sacred Elder Tree has been abused. A young warrior known as Estra is the land's only hope, but she has problems of her own. Her father died 12 years ago after an ambush. One of her most treasured gifts from him is a sacred gemstone, and now it has begun to glow. She'll need to solve puzzles and "rhythm game battle sequences" if she's to discover the reasons for the gem's change and her father's death, and save Midgard. The title is due to arrive on Xbox One next year.

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout - 10th Anniversary Edition

It may be hard to remember Edna & Harvey: The Breakout was released on PC ten years ago, but now the adventure game is being remastered for Xbox One and will allow players to switch between the old and new game. Edna is imprisoned in a padded cell. Together with her talking stuffed bunny Harvey, she wants to escape her cell and the insane asylum itself, getting as far away from there as possible. Along the way she'll meet plenty of strange patients, such as a man dressed in a bee costume and "the pseudo-Siamese twins Hoti and Moti". Of course, the head of the asylum, Dr. Marcel, isn't happy about her plans and will do anything to stop her, especially as he has plans for her future. The 10th Anniversary Edition arrives next year.

El Hijo

Honig Studios' "spaghetti-western stealth game" is set in a location inspired by Sergio Leone's westerns. When bandits attack her farm and burn it to the ground, the nameless farmer decides the only way to protect her son, El Hijo, is to leave him at a secluded monastery with a group of old monks. However, when he escapes, players are the ones tasked with helping him through the desert and a crime-filled frontier town in search of his mother, all by using stealth and solving puzzles. The title will arrive on Xbox One in the future.

Felix The Reaper

In all of the games so far, you've tried to save the world or the people in it. Not so in Kong Orange's "3D shadow puzzle adventure of death". Felix can manipulate human lives under the instructions written in the Plans of Death. He feels that if he obeys The Ministry of Death, he'll be able to locate and meet his crush, Betty The Maiden. As he can only move in the shadows, he'll need to move the sun and shadowing objects around to change them so he can access new areas. Every action is just a split second in the life of the human, and these seconds come together at the end of the level to create a grisly demise. The thing is, Betty isn't an easy woman to track down, but you'll get a chance to try anyway when the game is released on Xbox One next year.


Despite only controlling the game with two buttons, Cat Nigiri's "bite-sized metroidvania game" promises to be extremely difficult. Regardless of whether you have been good or bad throughout your life, you end up at the Necrosphere when you die. There are no other people around and there's nothing to do. Agent Terry Cooper finds himself in the Necrosphere, but his detective skills mean he learns about portals that can return him to the Normalsphere, the land of the living. His escape is entirely in your hands when the game arrives on Xbox One in the future.

Nova Nukers!

Lemonbomb Entertainment's "multiplayer battle game" pits up to four players against each other either online or locally while on a variety of bright planets filled with interesting items and weapons. The destructive environments mean that players have to keep moving to avoid taking hits from their opponents, but be careful not to fall through to the planets' dangerous cores. A single-player mode will allow players to try out their moves against AI bots at five different difficulty levels if you need some practice, and customisable settings allow players to tweak matches to their hearts' content. The title will arrive on Xbox One in the future.

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries

The titular Robbie Swifthand finds himself in a strange room. His only companion is a spirit who urges him to save the world. The problem is that the thief sees no reason to do so unless there's a reward in it for him. To be fair, he has every reason to say this bearing in mind Pixel Reign's 2D platformer is supposed to be "THE game to make you a platformer master". Amongst the many challenges are "mind intriguing psychology based level design", difficult boss fights, lots and lots of traps, and perhaps a fair amount of treasure too. The title comes to Xbox One in the future.

Save Your Nuts

As they think they're a superior animal, the squirrels of the park have decided to organise a series of tournaments where they challenge the other animals across a range of physics-based games. The team that has the most nuts at the end of the game is the winner, and you can earn them by using food power ups, directly tackling opponents and working with your teammates to shut out the other team. Triple Scale Games' "multiplayer-focused party game" will arrive on Xbox One next year.

Star Renegades

Massive Damage's "tactical squad-based rogue-lite RPG" puts players in charge of a rebel squad taking part in an "interplanetary rebellion against an evil authoritarian empire". As players take on the procedurally generated missions in the campaign, the enemy officers will evolve and receive promotions so that each playthrough is different. The game's battle system focuses on interrupts, combos, and countering and promises to be challenging. The title will arrive on Xbox One early next year.

The Textorcist

Morbidware's title mixes "a bullet game and a typing hell". As Ray Bibbia, a private exorcist, players must take on a demonic outbreak by typing out exorcisms while trying not to get hit by a multitude of flying bullets. Unfortunately, Ray's past isn't exactly squeaky clean, so he'll also need to deal with thugs, the Pope, and plenty of bosses who won't go down easily as they battle for control of the decaying city. It remains unclear how the typing gameplay will transfer to Xbox One when the game arrives in the future, but we'll be sure to let you know when we find out.


Glowfish Interactive's "top-down twin stick action adventure game" puts players in the role of a multi-talented fox who wishes to stop the invaders who are plundering his homeland. He has three different play styles between which players can mix and match, using them to defeat enemies and bosses, and beat environmental challenges inspired by classic platformers. You'll be able to help the fox restore peace and quiet when the game comes to Xbox One in the future.

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