Killer Instinct Patch Notes for Update 3.9.13

By Ashley Woodcock,
Patch 3.9.13 was released yesterday for Killer Instinct, Double Helix's fighting title that's been putting up a solid fight on the Xbox One and Windows for a number of years now. The patch comes with a list of changes including changes to character gameplay, "Shadow Lords", and the Killer Instinct store. Take a look at the full list below:

Character Gameplay:

  • Combo Breaker advantage time for Sabrewulf is 0 (was -7).
  • Combo Breaker advantage time for Rash is +1 (was +9).
  • Rash’s Light Kick AutoDouble advantage time has been fixed. This was +11 (not intended), it now matches his Light Punch AutoDouble at +2.

Shadow Lords Mission:

  • Fixed issue where the Relic Hunt quest chain would not spawn again if the player lost to Gargos (or started a new play though) before completing it.

Shadow Lords:

Big update to the pack system and mode as follows:
  • Pack system has been changed to offer an individual pack for every Guardian and rarity tier (Common, Rare, Epic, Killer and Crimson) for a total of 50 packs.
  • Health and Loot packs now always have the same predefined items, which are listed in their description.
  • All Common-Killer Guardian tier packs are now in offered on a daily rotation schedule.
  • A base set of packs are available every day which include Healing, Loot and a 3 lower tier Guardians.
  • Crimson Guardians are now offered on a weekly rotation schedule.
  • All Guardian’s Common-Epic tiers acquired from packs are now always ‘perfect’ (best version/stats of that tier). Killer and Crimson were already always ‘perfect’.
  • The exception is the Common Ram given to the player during the tutorial to the mode (only available first time playing Shadow Lords). This will not be ‘perfect’.
  • Adjusted the Astral Gem and KI Gold costs and Astral Energy included to reflect the new individual pack contents. Reduced costs on some existing packs.
  • Increased the Transmute Astral Gem values given for of all Guardians dramatically.
  • Decreased the Transmute Astral Energy values given for all of the Guardians. For every buff (gems) there is a nerf!
  • Increased the amount of Astral Energy needed to feed Killer and Crimson Guardians (aka cost per use).

KI Store:

  • Cost for XP Boosters reduced by 50%
The latest patch for Killer Instinct is available right now.

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Written by Ashley Woodcock
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