Weekend Announcements August 17-19th: HYPERGUN, Mosaic, and The Padre

By Rebecca Smith,
After the deluge of titles we saw last week, and with Gamescom now in full swing, it's no wonder that this weekend was relatively quiet in comparison. There are just three titles in today's list, two of which are confirmed for Xbox One. The remaining title is coming to the fabled "consoles". See if there's anything to interest you in the small list below.


DevTech Labs intern Dewey Owens has a fairly important job. He needs to enter the ultimate combat simulator and work out the best way to take down the alien invaders he's facing. The aim is to create the most effective weapon at taking them down, and he'll do this by adding and switching the weapon modules he'll collect every time he runs the simulation. Whether every module is effective is up for debate, but each will change the weapon in "exciting" ways. By accessing the profiles of his coworkers, Dewey will also get access to their unique abilities as well as developing his own. NVYVE Studios' "fast-paced rogue-lite" first-person shooter will be arriving on Xbox One this fall.


The developer of Among the Sleep is back with a "new mysterious adventure game" that puts players in the role of an anonymous male commuter living a joyless and repetitive life. His home city is dreary and glum, individuality is discouraged amongst its residents, and it just seems like a really depressing way to live. Then one day, strange things start to happen, and his life will never be the same again. Krillbite Studio has teamed up with Raw Fury to bring the title to Xbox One in summer 2019.

The Padre

Shotguns with Glitters and Feardemic's "single player adventure horror game" draws inspiration from classic titles like Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil, before combining it with the sort of graphics more akin to Minecraft. Players assume the role of the titular Padre, "the most bad-ass, pop-culture referencing priest within the video game industry" who loves nothing better than to hunt ghosts, daemons, or any other monster that gets in the way of his faith. His old mentor, Benedictus, has gone missing. While he despises the man, the Lord has dictated that Bendictus must be found. The undertaking is a large one and will quite likely be the Padre's last. You'll see if he survives when the game comes to consoles this fall.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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