Capcom Cancel Mega Man Universe

By zigs00, 7 years ago
Capcom originally announced the intriguing, ambitious Mega Man Universe back in July, but it has been confirmed today that the game has been cancelled.

The game's official page on the Japanese Capcom site has been updated with a notice and apology announcing that development on the XBLA platformer has been cancelled for "various reasons", though sadly that vague explanation is all that's been said.

As shown in the footage we posted in September, the game was an 8-bit style game inspired heavily by the classic Mega Man 2, but with a brand new 2.5D design and art style. The game was to offer level customisation and creation (as you can see in these screenshots) as well as character customisation. On top of that, the game also let you play as the infamous yellow Mega Man from the first game's NES box art, Ryu from Street Fighter, and Ghost 'n Goblins' Arthur, all of which you can see in the bizarre-but-wonderful announcement trailer embedded below:

The project was the brainchild of legendary developer Keiji Inafune, co-designer of the Mega Man character, who has worked on almost every Mega Man title to date, as well as being the executive producer on some of Capcom's biggest hits of the last few years (including Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter IV and Dead Rising). One could speculate that the decision to cancel Mega Man Universe might be related to Inafune's resignation from Capcom in October, after 23 years with the company.