Spider-Man: Edge of Time Announced

By Keith Gray, 7 years ago
In a press release issued today, Activision and Marvel have announced the latest game to join the Spider-Man franchise, titled Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

The new project is currently being developed by Activision-owned studio Beenox (the team behind Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions), as all parties concerned look to build on the success of the previous title. Spider-Man has faced many different adversaries in his time; however Spider-Man: Edge of Time sees the web-weaving sensation face his biggest challenge yet... Spider-Man. Gamers will be thrust in at the deep-end as they will be required to play as both the classic Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 in two interlinked timelines with colliding storylines.

Vicharin Vadakan, Director of Global Brand Management at Activision is full of optimism regarding the development team chosen to continue the franchise:

The first Spider-Man entry by Beenox, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, was touted as one of the wall-crawler's best Spider-Man games to date from both critics and fans. Beenox is once again taking a fresh and different approach to bring a fast-paced and high-octane adventure and unexpected story to life in Spider-Man: Edge of Time.
The choice of development team is hardly surprising (given that it was already stated back in January); however, Studio Head at Beenox, Dee Brown, outlined the importance of avoiding complacency and improving the superhero franchise:

At Beenox, we are constantly listening to the fans and looking for new and creative ways to innovate the gameplay experience for them. We want to create a totally distinct experience in Spider-Man: Edge of Time by working with Peter David on the story and creating this urgent, high-stakes experience where time is working against you and the fate of Spider-Man hangs in the balance.
No platform details have been announced as yet, but the last title was so well-received, it's pretty safe to assume that Spider-Man: Edge of Time will be available on the Xbox 360 when it is released this Autumn/Fall.
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