Destiny 2's Gambit Mode is Coming a Bit Early Along With a Story Trailer

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Destiny 2 certainly launched as a massive force in the industry, with millions of players jumping in to buy the game and begin the grind once again, but it's hard to say it hasn't seemed like a disappointment to many compared to the first game. Bungie's been listening and their hope is that the "Forsaken" expansion will be just the shot in the arm the series needs to get players back to logging in every day. One of the ways they're doing it is the new multiplayer Gambit mode. If you've been dying to learn more about it, you can in the trailer below.

Interested? You can give it a try, no purchase required, with the base version of Destiny 2. On September 1st at 10AM PDT, you'll have precisely 24 hours to play the new mode according to the second trailer.

But what if you're just here for the story? Destiny 2's trying to improve on that as well, as you can see from the newest story trailer which gives you a bit of background on what's been going on right before "Forsaken" begins.

Destiny 2's "Forsaken" expansion will launch September 4th.

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Kevin Tavore
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