The Future of Madden NFL?

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
It took me a while to decide that this deserved to be news, and I want to preface my article by saying that. This is borderline news, but I think it could bring a worthy discussion topic to the table.

I'm not a football guy. I prefer hockey myself, and many of the admins and mods prefer soccer (UK'ers, read: football), but when something like this happens, I just wonder what the trickle-down effect will be on the video games we play.

Obviously, we know that Madden NFL 2010 is on its way. No doubt about it. But what about future iterations of the game? Will his name hold, or will the title be passed on? I doubt they will stop making the games as a whole, as they sell too much to drop the series altogether, but is a change of title going to take place anytime soon?

According to the article, "[...]He’ll keep using the bus and stay busy with his many endorsements. His “Madden NFL Football” is the top-selling sports video game of all time." But do we all agree on this, and can we all consider this a fact?

So here are my questions for you guys:

- Will future "Madden NFL" titles be released indefinitely with Madden's name on the cover?
- Should they be released with his name on the cover?
- If his name is taken off of the title, whose name should replace it?