Elite: Dangerous - Beyond Kicks Off Chapter Three

By Marc Hollinshead,
Anyone playing Elite: Dangerous will have enjoyed plenty of content that the game has offered since its launch, with expansions and various DLC releasing on a regular basis. The "Beyond" chapters have seen a multitude of major and minor updates being added to the game, but the developers aren't stopping there. Chapter three is on the cusp of releasing and a new trailer has dropped with a snippet of info to tease us with what's in store.

With each passing day, humanity learns more about the Guardians, and the discovery of Guardian beacons has unearthed yet more data. Using this information, Guardian expert Ram Tah has succeeded in combining human and Guardian technology, resulting in three revolutionary new fighters: the XG7 Trident, the GX8 Javelin and the XG9 Lance. Their armaments and Guardian-inspired design will make them effective against both human and Thargoid targets. Commanders are encouraged to seek out the Guardian beacons, gather fresh data, and contribute to the production of these new fighters.

Elite: Dangerous - "Beyond: Chapter Three" takes flight on August 28th.

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Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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