Battle Your Friends in Showdown, Shovel Knights' Next Free Update

By Kelly Packard, 4 months ago
Shovel Knight's upcoming battle mode has been announced as "Shovel Knight: Showdown." In the DLC, which will be free to all Shovel Knight owners, players can duke it out in four-player local versus and cooperative minigames or fight their way through story mode, "a multistage journey customized for each character."

Speaking of characters, the roster has over 16, many of whom have never been playable before. In story mode, players will "face a rival, defeat scores of opponents, relax with a minigame or two, and hopefully see their tale completed after an all-new final encounter." Stages pay homage to Shovel Knight's existing characters and locations, complete with new music from Jake “Virt” Kaufman, who also worked on the music for the base game.

Developer Yacht Club revealed the first gameplay of "Showdown" exclusively to IGN:

Though "Showdown" is a free update for all Shovel Knight players, developer Yacht Club Games will also sell the content standalone for US$9.99. "Showdown" is expected to release in 2019.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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