Earn Free Items in Overwatch's D.Va Nano Cola Challenge

By Kelly Packard, 4 months ago
When Overwatch's D.Va isn't saving the world — like in her latest animated short "Shooting Star" — she's relaxing with her favorite sponsored beverage, Nano Cola. Overwatch's latest patch brings a D.Va event with cola-themed sprays, a player icon and a D.Va skin that players can earn free through winning matches.

Until September 10th, three wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play or Arcade will award D.Va sprays. Icons are given out at six wins, and at nine wins, players earn the Nano Cola D.Va skin. Different rewards can also be earned for watching participating Twitch streams, but players must make sure their Blizzard account is linked to their Twitch account. For more on the Twitch rewards or the D.Va event in general, see here.


The update that launched with the event dropped a few bug fixes as well:

Hero Gallery

  • Fixed a bug that prevented flavor descriptions from displaying when a skin was selected
  • Fixed a bug that prevented hero descriptions from displaying in the Hero Gallery
  • Fixed a bug that prevented cosmetics’ unlock requirements from displaying in the Hero Gallery

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some of Roadhog’s voice lines from playing with his Lacrosse skin equipped
  • Fixed a bug that caused Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets to fall through the environment when thrown into a Teleporter
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Symmetra to teleport players into certain vehicles on King’s Row and Numbani
  • Fixed a bug that caused Winston’s Jump Pack damage to not fall off properly

  • Fixed an issue that prevented sound from playing after a memory-intensive team fight
The event and patch are live now for Overwatch, and the D.Va event runs until September 10th.

We've got the full list of Overwatch: Origins Edition achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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