Forsaken Remastered First Impressions

By Will Cruz, 4 months ago
Not every modern gamer can jump back into titles from years past. To be fair, not all games from two decades ago are worth revisiting. On the flip-side, those players with a taste of nostalgia may appreciate the trip down memory lane. Today, Dean slides into the past in Forsaken Remastered.

InForsaken Remastered, you’ll need to fight your way past blasting turrets, flying ships, sucking turbine fans, and piercing spikes to survive. The title offers the same graphics from the original with the addition of split-screen, six different multiplayer modes and much more. If you’re interested to see if the game stills shows its age, check out the video below.

Forsaken Remastered is available now.

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Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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