Weekend Announcements August 24-26th: Bless Unleashed, The Grand Tour and More

By Rebecca Smith,
This week's belated Weekend Announcements arrives a little later than usual thanks to holidays. Not to worry, though, as we have just four titles to introduce this week, all of which are confirmed for Xbox One. See if there's anything to interest you in the small list below.

Bless Unleashed

NEOWIZ's Round 8 Studio has teamed up with publisher Bandai Namco to bring their free-to-play fantasy MMORPG to Xbox One before it arrives anywhere else. After choosing from one of five "classic" fantasy classes, such as the Mage and Berserker, players will enter an "open persistent world" filled with threatening mythical beasts as they attempt to prevent an evil goddess from returning to the land. The game will offer co-op PvE and competitive PvP multiplayer experiences when it arrives next year.

Dead Age

Silent Dreams has acquired the help of publisher Headup Games to bring their "tactical zombie horror RPG" to Xbox One on September 7th. Players control a group of survivors thrown into a zombie apocalypse. They'll need to scavenge for food and supplies, craft equipment and weapons, devise traps to defend their camp from zombies and other hostile groups, tend to the injured, and build friendships, relationships or rivalries. Each decision will affect the course of the non-linear story across random missions. Do you save more survivors or do you let some die so there's more supplies to go around? There's six possible endings to find, so which one will you get?

Infected Shelter

Dark Blue Games combines elements of Dead Cells, Castle Crashers, and executions to get their "randomly generated rogue-lite post-apocalyptic action RPG shooter / dungeon brawler". Players assume the role of a survivor in a dangerous world. Your shelter has been raided and your friends have been kidnapped. It's time to leave the safety of the shelter behind to search for them, but infected creatures and different gangs with brutal leaders all stand in your way. Each run will be different, but players can loot blueprints that provide new weapons, clothes, skills, character upgrades and relics to be used in all future runs. The title is coming to Xbox One next year.

The Grand Tour Game

Amazon is diving into the world of console games with their internally developed episodic racing game that's based on the third series of their Prime Original series The Grand Tour. The cars, locations, and "surprises" (including the Eboladrome test track) featured in Season 3 will be appearing in episodes that will be released weekly during the course of the season. The game offers "seamless" transitions from clips taken from the show to the gameplay sections and will feature hours of voice acting from the show's presenters: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Players can also invite up to three friends to join them in splitscreen races. The title is confirmed for Xbox One, but much like the third season of the TV series on which it's based, it doesn't have a release window yet.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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