Silence is Golden in The Sinking City Gameplay Video

By Chewie, 7 months ago
In a gameplay video for their Lovecraftian adventure The Sinking City, Frogwares shows us one of the game's side quests and gives us a deeper look at the investigation mechanics. We also get to see the exploration of flooded 1920s Oakmont on foot and by boat, as well as how the protagonist's own insanity affects the gameplay including the ability to see and hear events from the past, and discover points of interest. As you might expect from a game inspired by Lovecraft's, things take a gruesome, supernatural turn, and all is not what it seems. It's not all investigations and adventure too, as deformed creatures give rise to tense combat situations.

The Sinking City is planned to release on March 21st, 2019.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the The Sinking City achievements.
Written by Chewie
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