L.A. Noire Patrol Crime Desk Revealed

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Cole Phelps will start his career in the LAPD as an officer on patrol. Here is your first chance to prove your worth to the "higher-ups on the force" as you hone your skills and intuition. Together with your partner, Officer Ralph Dunn, you will walk the streets and cruise along in your patrol as you prepare to spring into action when the call comes in.

"Phelp's patrol partner, rookie Officer Ralph Dunn."
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"Phelps and Dunn patrol the area on a bright Los Angeles afternoon."
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A day on patrol in 1947 Los Angeles is anything but routine. Two of the crimes that Phelps will investigate are a violent incident of armed robbery and a gunshot victim homicide.

"Armed & Dangerous"
The call comes across your radio.
A robbery in progress at the local savings and loan, shots fired.
Responding to the call you find a violent scene: cops engaged with armed robbers in a bloody shoot out.
Find out just how good you are with that service-issue shotgun - helping take the crooks down and saving those in harm's way will certainly go a long way in establishing your reputation in the department.
"When on patrol, always be at the ready for emergency report calls."
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"Danger lurks outside and inside Westlake Savings & Loans."
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"You will need to be a crack shot with that service issue pump shotgun."
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"With the bandits outside taken care of, Phelps and Dunn prepare to enter the bank, guns in hand."
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"Trying to take down the violent armed robbers inside the bank."
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"In the case "Armed & Dangerous", the bank robbery gunmen refuse to go quietly."
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"Upon Reflection"
You report to the scene of a homicide.
Victim: African-American male, Scooter Peyton.
Cause of death: fatal gunshot wound.
Homicide desk detectives Floyd Rose and Rusty Galloway are already examining evidence and trying to figure on some likely conclusions.
When they ask you to help to assist and accompany them in their investigation tracing and tracking the murder weapon, one of the few real clues - it's your duty, obligation... and opportunity to once again impress.
As always, be ready for trouble.
"Homicide detectives Floyd Rose and Rusty Galloway ask the reporting patrolmen to help inspect the scene of the crime"
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"Make good use of that flashlight when investigating crime scenes at night. Vital clues may lay hidden in the dark."
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"Interviewing a shop keeper about a brutal murder that happened on his store's block."
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"When a killing happens in broad daylight outside a shoe store, is there anything the salesgirl inside knows that may help?"
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"Pipes and ladders can be climbed when necessary to inspect a site on a case."
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"Trying to determine whether a handgun can be traced back to this gunshop owner's store."
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Detective Cole Phelps will have to solve crimes across five different department crime desks. The most "brutal and harrowing" of these is likely to be the Homicide desk, whereas the Traffic desk may prove to be one of the most diverse.

L.A. Noire is due to be released on May 17th, 2011 in North America, and on May 20th in Europe and Australia.
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