HITMAN 2 Brings More Danger to the Colombian Rainforest

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
Two weeks ago, IO Interactive revealed they would be bringing all six locations from HITMAN into the world of HITMAN 2 in the form of the World of Assassination, but what about new locations? Well, we've seen extensive gameplay footage of Miami, and now the second new location has been revealed. Players will be heading into the rainforests of Colombia, and the wildlife won't be the only danger Agent 47 will face.

The dense vegetation will provide plenty of cover for Agent 47 as he plans and executes his mission. Like Miami, there will be multiple ways to approach the mission, as well as "countless interactive possibilities". Not sure if there'll be a flamingo costume, though.

HITMAN 2 and its jungle location will be released on November 13th. In the meantime, you can get some practice in with HITMAN Sniper Assassin, which is accessible now if you pre-order the game.

We've got the full list of HITMAN 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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