Weekend Announcements Aug 31st-Sep 2nd: Damnview, Hell Warders, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
If you've felt the last couple of weeks have been fairly quiet, get ready to buckle down for this week's announcements. There are 13 titles to be introduced this week, 11 of which are definitely heading for Xbox One. The remaining two are only confirmed for consoles, or "multiple platforms", but they're still worth including in the list. See if there's anything that interests you below.

Buildings Have Feelings Too!

Merge Games announced not one but three new titles they'd be publishing over the next year or so. The first is Blackstaff Games' "city management game with character". It isn't just as simple as placing buildings down — in this game, the buildings can get up and move around, as well as communicate with each other. The city must grow but not at the cost of each building's aspirations. If a building doesn't reach its potential, it will be demolished. Players will be able to create specialised areas, like theatre districts, research new industries, and create spectacular buildings. The title was supposed to release for Xbox One this spring, but it's obviously missed that window. We'll let you know as soon as another is announced.

Damnview: Built From Nothing

Brainwash Gang has teamed up with Sindiecate Arts to bring their "simulation sandbox" title to Xbox One next year. Players have to carve out a decent life for themselves in a city driven by capitalism, different cultures, and a variety of social classes. You can choose exactly how you make your living. Will you pick hard work and an honest life, taking on jobs like a taxi driver or shop assistant, or will you pick a shadier route like smuggling or drug dealing where dirty money talks louder? You'll need to build a home from scratch and maintain your chosen lifestyle regardless of what the city and society plans to do with you.

Family Man

Not to be confused with the previous title, this "first-person story-led RPG" also asks players to choose their moral path. Appearances are deceptive. In an unsuspecting seaside village, you find yourself owing money to the mob, and they've set a 30 day deadline to pay it back. Again, you can choose to take a more legal approach, flipping burgers, helping your neighbours and earning a salary, but then struggling to get the cash together. Alternatively, you can take on dirtier jobs, breaking laws, ruining the lives of your neighbours, and pushing your family away. Your family relationships could become stronger or your marriage could fall apart — the choice is yours. Broken Bear and No More Robots are working together to bring their title to Xbox One early next year.

Hell Warders

Antigravity Game Studios' "third person action tower defence hybrid" is heading to Xbox One this fall thanks to publisher PQube. Players assume the role of a Hell Warder, one of an ancient order of heroes that has powers and abilities used to defeat hordes of demons. Players can choose from one of three Warders that each has their own skills and weapons, and then they'll have an army of knights, archers, and mages to assist them. Up to four players can take on the demons together online or locally.


UNTIES may be one of Sony's publishers, but Cat Nigiri's "sliding puzzle adventure game" is still promised for Xbox One next year. Kim's role in her village is to be their guardian thanks to an ancient tradition. However, when she turned 12, her grandmother sensed an impending attack and Kim found herself sent out into the world to dispel it. Surrounded by "brainwashed minions and high-tech robot soldiers", she soon realises she needs to prevent an evil corporation from taking over the world. Combining turn-based tactical combat and sliding puzzles, players will need to place enemies as well as Kim herself if they're to succeed.


Crow is a supervillain who wants to take over the world by kidnapping princesses and using them to fuel his death ray, otherwise known as the Doom Howitzer. Across five kingdoms, you'll need to take down the heroes set on stopping you in this "anarchic cartoon-style 2D action-platformer". StarBlade's title is heading to Xbox One on September 14th thanks to publisher Digerati.

Project Genesis

8 Circuit Studios plans on creating a number of titles that share the same persistent Metaverse universe, a "series of interconnected virtual worlds and experiences without boundaries". The first title in that universe is this "grand-scale deep space survival game" that combines space combat with first-person shooter mechanics. Players control an AI that has an important choice to make — sacrifice itself to save humanity or preserve itself and create its own destiny. Regardless of which route you take, you'll need to disable enemy ships before boarding them and driving the enemy out from inside. By taking control of the enemy ships and completing missions, players will earn payouts that can be used to fortify their own craft. The title will be heading to unspecified consoles in the future.


Merge Games' second title is a "roguelite brawler-adventure" from Red Blue Games, inspired by "roguelikes like Rogue Legacy" and "classic adventure games titles like Zelda: A Link to the Past". Ada is a genius engineer who must save the world from the Baron and his gremlins. To do this, she needs to stop them from draining the land of Sparklite by inventing guns and gadgets. Even the land itself is rebelling against the invaders by disrupting the land with earthquakes, rearranging the terrain permanently. Each disruption brings along new quests, minigames and challenges that she must overcome. The title will be arriving on Xbox One in fall 2019.

Tales of the Neon Sea

Palm Pioneer took to Kickstarter to raise the funds to bring their "retro-styled pixel-art adventure" to Xbox One in partnership with Zodiac Interactive. In this "cyberpunk cityscape", humans and robots have to depend upon each other, but this has caused tension and mistrust amongst both sides. Players assume the role of an alcoholic ex-police detective, retired after becoming frustrated with the system. Now he gigs as a private investigator and his latest case is a missing person. As things are never as simple as they should be, it turns out the case is the clue to finding a killer who escaped from the law many years ago. Players have to sift through the detective's memories, explore scenes, decipher clues, question witnesses, and, most importantly, resist corruption if they're to succeed.

The Bradwell Conspiracy

A Brave Plan's "narrative-driven first person experience" takes place at the Stonehenge Museum. Here, a company called Bradwell Electronics is showcasing their Clean Water Initiative, hailed as a "technical breakthrough guaranteed to change the world". After an explosion rocks the building, players wake up in the shoes of a "mystery protagonist" who must find a means of escape. In doing so, they find another survivor, Amber, who's trapped behind a locked door. Using the company's Bradwell AR Smart Glasses, they communicate with each other and work together to find their way out, but their investigations into the company's secret underground complex uncovers some uncomfortable truths. The title will be heading to "multiple platforms" in the future.

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition

The final title from Merge Games is Still Running's "mad-cap, top-down 80s shooter". As the title suggests, players take on a variety of mutated and now lethal walking vegetables. You certainly don't want to eat these greens — they're more likely to eat you. Players are initially armed with just a pistol, but as they progress they'll be able to upgrade their weapons and find more gadgets. Each playthrough features randomised buildings, levels, enemies, bosses, weapons and items. Choose whether to take on these enemies on your own or together with a friend when the game is released on Xbox One this fall.

Time Carnage

Already released on many VR platforms, the existence of a non-VR version of Wales Interactive's latest title was revealed thanks to the Microsoft Store. Players go travelling through time, but as you may have guessed from the game's title, things don't go smoothly. This survival shooter pits you against dinosaurs, monsters, robots and zombies. Players can unlock and upgrade up to 25 weapons that can be dual-wielded in many different combinations to suit any playstyle. There will also be time-altering perks, arcade cheats, challenges and mystery items to help you along the way. If the store page is to be believed, the game will be arriving next week on September 12th.

Treasure Stack

Pixelakes' puzzle title combines platforming and falling block puzzles to create a rather unique treasure hunt. Players must leap around the playing area, grabbing hold of treasure chests, and stacking them to create matches and unlock their valuable contents. As well as the solo Challenge mode, players can take on friends locally and online with cross-play functionality between Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The title will be arriving on our consoles thanks to the ID@Xbox program.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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