Amazon's DotD for April 4th [US Only] [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago

Good news, bad news, gamers. The bad news is that the Borderlands GOTY Edition has evidently sold out as the Deal of the Day.

The good news is that Amazon is now offering the following:

BioShock 2 (Xbox 360) - $19.99 $12.99

and - $29.99 $14.99


Although there ain't no rest for the wicked and money don't grow on trees, we've managed to dig up a serious deal for Stateside gamers today. Feast thine sensory inputs on the goodness!

Borderlands GOTY Edition - $39.99 $19.99

That's a saving of 50% off one of the best co-op games on the 360. Our community at TA has given the game a 4.5 rating while Metacritic has its score listed at 84.

The Game of the Year Edition includes all four DLC packages for Gearbox's award winning title. With all of the DLC included, the game has 80 achievements worth 1,750 GS and a TA score of 2,097.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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