Indie Megabooth Brought Four New Titles to PAX West

By Rebecca Smith,
After attending Gamescom at the start of August, Indie Booth upped sticks and changed continents to attend PAX West at the end of the month. Arriving as Indie Megabooth with a total of 67 video games (and some table top games), it turned out that 22 of those were coming to Xbox. You can find out more information on each title by clicking on the links:
The remaining four titles are new games that have never been revealed for Xbox One previously. We've got a brief introduction to each of those games for you. Take a look:

Causa, Voices of the Dusk

Niebla Games' "free-to-play collectible card game" puts players in the role of a Leader who is trying to take control of a fantasy world alongside their faction. In each turn, players must choose a card to dedicate to their Cause and increase the power of the cards they can play. You can also withdraw a card from that Cause, but doing so deducts points. Players will gain victory either by destroying their opponents with direct attacks or by making them exhaust their decks. As well as the Campaign Mode with PvE challenges and map-based campaigns, there will be 1v1 multiplayer matches too.


In Efecto Studios' "competitive action/strategy game", players will build robots, program their AI and take them into battles where they'll fight alongside their pilots. You'll need to make sure you account for your opponents and the environment if you're to have a successful outcome.

Little Medusa

Having just brought their Mega Drive title Coffee Crisis to Xbox One, Mega Cat Studios is following it up with this "action puzzler" that is currently available on NES, SNES and Mega Drive. When the Olympian Gods defeated the Titans, they imprisoned them and took up the rule of the Cosmos. The beautiful Artemiza is set to take control upon Zeus' death, but others are jealous of the attention she's receiving. One goddess in particular, Fiora, takes such umbrage that she turns Artemiza into a gorgon, frees the imprisoned Titans, captures all of the other gods/goddesses, and overthrows Zeus. It's up to Artemiza to save the day by avoiding traps, creating paths and petrifying her enemies.


Luminawesome Games' "3D puzzle platformer" is about a battle for power. The blue Lumote and the red Mastermote are fighting to take control of the world. As Lumote, players need to jump around the world and take possession of the world's other creatures, the Motes, to help them solve puzzles. However, if Mastermote seizes control of a Mote, those very same creatures will hinder your progress.

Do any of these titles take your fancy?
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Written by Rebecca Smith
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