Anthem Introduces Our World, My Story

By Rebecca Smith, 7 months ago
When Anthem crashes onto our consoles next year, it will bring a persistent online world shared by every player, yet Bioware promises that every player's story will be different. The latest trailer, titled "Our World, My Story", goes into detail on how the team will achieve this, and you'll even get to try it out for yourself before the game's release when the demo arrives in February.

Anthem's world is dynamic. The weather will change, there will be day/night cycles, and large-scale events will occur for all players to tackle. As the game progresses, the world will also "undergo huge transformations". All of this will be synced between every players regardless of in which country they're located. This is what Bioware means by "Our World". However, each player will also get their own unique single-player experience, and this is the "My Story" part of the game. Players can create their own relationships with NPCs, and suffer the consequences of their choices and actions. Take a look at the trailer below to see what they mean.

Fort Tarsis is the game's central hub and is where the single-player experience will be felt most. Here, you'll be able to pick up missions, get to know the city's inhabitants (they'll uncover story details you may not see otherwise), and customise your Javelin suit. The city has been built to withstand the dangers from the world outside, and it's a safehouse for Freelancers, Sentinels, Cyphers, Corvus agents, and Arcanist monks alike. As a Freelancer, it's up to you to explore the world outside Fort Tarsis and protect humanity, but who are the other factions?

The Sentinels

The Sentinels are the chief upholders of the law throughout the cities and settlements of Anthem. They believe in justice and order above all else, and see themselves as a bulwark protecting the people from the chaos of the outside world. In the eyes of the Sentinel leadership, the Freelancers are a ragtag outfit whose fierce independence makes them unreliable.


An extensive network of intelligence agents, spies, and diplomats, Corvus’ main goal is to scout out threats and remove them without direct confrontation. While they are not above having their operatives engage in targeted sabotage or an assassination now and again, they prefer to contract out any of their messier tasks to third-parties, like the Freelancers.


Cyphers are humans gifted with and rigorously trained in the ability to communicate mentally over long distances, performing complex analytical calculations and processing incredible amounts of information. They serve in support roles to lancers, providing information and analysis during expeditions.

The Arcanists

Scientist-mystics who have dedicated themselves to researching the mysteries of the world of Anthem, the Arcanists research both the natural frontier as well as the technological. Their ultimate goal is to gather, categorize, and preserve the complete knowledge of humanity. Their tireless promotion of knowledge and teaching has been directly or indirectly responsible for much of the technological advancement of this world.
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Fort Tarsis is also where your crew go to relax. They keep your Strider, your "mobile base of operations", running smoothly. Each of your three crew members has their own personality and specialisations:


  • Birth year: 423 LV
  • Birth Location: Mirelands
  • Height/Weight: 5’8”; 235 pounds
  • Role: Strider driver
  • Faction: Freelancer
  • Quote: “The gears of this world are tuned for a quick death. Good thing I carry a wrench.”
Haluk is a legendary Freelancer, all-around badass, and mentor to younger freelancers. He also drives the strider.

Faye Navine

  • Birth year: 437 LV
  • Birth Location: Antium
  • Height/Weight: 5’7” 120 pounds
  • Role: Cypher
  • Faction: Freelancer
  • Quote: “The world is filled with mysteries. Chasing the solutions, that's where the fun is.”
As a cypher with the rare gift of mental communication, Faye has always been intrigued by the Anthem of Creation.

Owen Corley

  • Birth year: 444 LV
  • Birth Location: Heliost
  • Height/Weight: 5’10”; 148 pounds
  • Role: Cypher
  • Faction: Freelancer
  • Quote: “Life’s what you make it. You gotta buy into your own idealism, mate.”
The newest member, Owen is also a promising cypher whose ambition and enthusiasm have made him vital to your success as a team.

Players will have a choice of four Javelin suits to use to navigate over difficult terrain, and to battle the enemies ahead. You can find out more about combat here, but which suit will you choose? The Ranger is an all round suit and is the suit players will first receive when they start the game. It can handle all weapons and is effective in all combat situations. The Colossus is the equivalent of a tank, slower in movement even with jet propulsion but equipped with formidable armour, a deployable shield, Siege Cannon, and the ability to use all kinds of heavy weapons. In contrast, the Storm has little defensive capabilities. Instead, it has enhanced kinesis capabilities, such as the ability to float in the air and seal technology to blast enemies from a distance. Finally, the Interceptor is the close quarters combat specialist, with the weapons and speed to allow it to deal damage while up close and then dashing away to safety before the enemy has a chance to retaliate.

Each of the Javelins has unique equipment that can be collected and specialisations that can be upgraded as players progress, allowing them to unlock multiple playstyles for each suit. In addition, the pilots themselves will also have a progression system, focusing on "those aspects of being a pilot that aren’t tied to a specific Javelin", such as increased mobility, or flying for longer periods of time.

You'll be able to try out these aspects when the game's demo is released on February 1st. The demo will be available to those who have pre-ordered the game, or who are members of EA Access. After that, there will be a Play First trial for EA Access members beginning February 15th before the full game is released to everyone on February 22nd.

We've got the full list of Anthem achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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