XBLA Wednesday: April 6th, 2011

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 7 years ago
This week, coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade:

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile - 800 MSP
Three marks remain! Unlock The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile to dig further in to Yuki's bloody quest for revenge. The full game features the Dishwasher's campaign storyline, online and offline coop play, 50 Arcade Challenges and Dish Challenge, including a ton of nasty new weapons and techniques.

Red Faction: Battlegrounds - 800 MSP
The signature destructive gameplay from Red Faction®: Guerilla™ comes to the downloadable arcade with Red Faction®: Battlegrounds™! Jump into your favorite tank or mech using your Gauss Cannons, Rocket Launchers and Singularity Bombs to destroy the competition, and environment along with it. Battle your way through treacherous Martian deserts, terraformed enclaves and more in a variety of different multiplayer modes and single player challenges. Rank up by defeating the competition and unlock new content including maps, vehicles, weapons and even items for the upcoming Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game, Red Faction®: Armageddon™.

Martian Mayhem: Go head to head with tanks, ATVs, flatbeds and mechs in this fast-paced vehicular combat game. Enjoy competing against your friends at home on the same screen or teaming up against competitors online.
Distilled Destruction: The insane destruction fromRed Faction®: Guerilla™ is front and center in Red Faction®: Battlegrounds™. Blast buildings, gas tanks and vehicles apart and watch them disintegrate with realistic physics.
Pick your Poison: Obliterate the competition however you see fit with a wide array of unique vehicles and mechs. Each vehicle has its own unique strengths and weakness so choose your team wisely.
Explosive Weapons: Take down your enemy in creative ways with a treasure trove of weapons at your disposal. Choose anything from Rocket Launchers to Singularity Bombs and Remote Charges to cause the maximum amount of mayhem.
Shake Things Up: Fight your way through a variety of multiplayer modes and single player challenges like Survival, Annihilate, Flag Frenzy and more to earn points and bragging rights via online leaderboards.
Rank Up & Unlock: Earn achievements and new ranks to unlock additional vehicles, weapons and maps. Improve your rank even further to receive unique content in Red Faction: Armageddom.