Latest Patch For Guts & Glory Fixes A Couple Of Achievements

By Andy Mills, 3 months ago
Those playing Guts and Glory may have noticed an issue when it came to unlocking a couple of the game's achievements, namely "Retro Renegade" and "Secret Hunter", both of which were related to the game's Easter Egg levels. We're happy to use the past tense on this news, as developer HakJak has released a patch that should fix any issues that players were having unlocking the two achievements.

Guts and GloryRetro RenegadeThe Retro Renegade achievement in Guts and Glory worth 70 pointsFind and complete the 'Retro Runner' Easter Egg level.

Guts and GlorySecret HunterThe Secret Hunter achievement in Guts and Glory worth 224 pointsComplete 2 Easter Egg levels in the Halls of Glory.

The patch is now live on Xbox One, so if you were worried about missing out, it's safe to return to Guts & Glory.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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