TA Playlist Game for October 2018 Announced

By Mark Delaney,
We thought we devised a tough horror themed poll for our TA Playlist community to choose from, but it turns out our community pretty easily made up their minds. With more than 40% of the votes, our next TA Playlist game will be Metro 2033.

Metro 2033 Redux 3

The atmospheric horror-shooter hybrid should fit nicely with the month of October, which I routinely turn into a month-long, site-wide Halloween party. The game offers several stacks, including two separate lists for the remastered Xbox One version of the game depending on whether you're playing it physically or digitally, as well as a Japanese regional variant, so even if you've played before you can jump back in for our month of talks, achievement hunting, and hopefully a few scares. Below is the final tally from the week of voting.

metro TAP

While we wait for October's festivities to kick off, don't forget to saddle up for one last ride into the sunset with our current TA Playlist game, Red Dead Redemption.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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