Poll: What Percentage of Video Game Stories Are Actually Well Written?

By Mark Delaney, 3 months ago
Happy Friday TA! Last week's poll decided October's TA Playlist game. You can find that here for the results.

This week, we're looking at video game storytelling. How often is it actually good? Say you play 100 games with story campaigns in them this year. How many do you come away from thinking, 'yeah that was well done,' and how different is that number compared to other storytelling media, like movies, books, and podcasts?

Some say video game stories are mostly bad, while others get a kick out of most everything they play. Surely there's plenty of in-between too, so like always, let's put some stats to the subject. TA has long adored single-player games over multiplayer in general, but how often are we actually enjoying those stories? Sound off in this week's poll, and be sure to dive deeper into the comments to let us know how video game stories stack up to other arts and entertainment.
What percentage of video game stories are actually good?
  • 0%1.25% (34)
  • Less than 10%14.25% (388)
  • Less than 25%34.7% (945)
  • About 50%26.51% (722)
  • More than 50%14.58% (397)
  • More than 75%7.2% (196)
  • More than 90%1.03% (28)
  • 100%0.48% (13)
We've had 2723 responses.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He's the Editorial Manager on TA, loves story-first games, and is the host of the community game club TA Playlist. Outside of games he likes biking, sci-fi, the NFL, and spending time with his family. He almost never writes in the third person.