Torbjorn Reworked in Latest Developer Update

By Will Cruz, 6 months ago
Overwatch: Origins Edition players are familiar with two things – character reworks and developer updates hosted by Jeff Kaplan. In the latest update video, fans were hit with huge news focused on the upcoming Torbjorn rework.

Everyone’s favorite pint-size hero will receive some minor changes. Kaplan explains that this update won’t drastically change the character, but players will notice some key differences in how he plays. For example, armor packs and the scrap system are being removed as his new ability Overload (similar to Molten Core) will kick in. Tired of placing and building turrets? Gone are the days of building as turrets now automatically build to level two and they can even be tossed instead of placed. On top of that, his new finisher will now give Torbjorn the ability to shoot out pools of liquid magma to control the area. Check out the full developer update below.

Torbjorn mains can expect these major changes in the upcoming patch.

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