Telltale: Multiple Partners Have Offered to Help Finish The Walking Dead

By Mark Delaney, 3 months ago
It seems the Telltale story isn't quite over yet — and neither may be Clementine's. After several former Telltale employees offered their thoughts on the likely abrupt ending to The Walking Dead: The Final Season, fans understandably began to lament the unintentional cliffhanger that would come with a two-episode season cut short by massive layoffs. However, the official Telltale Twitter account has now announced that all hope may not be lost after all.

One would hope they wouldn't share this news unless they were quite optimistic, or else the eventual cancellation will hurt that much more for fans. For now, you can catch the second episode starting tomorrow if you're still on board for what is surely going to be an interesting season one way or another.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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