Star Wars Battlefront II Squad Update Arrives Today

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
As part of EA Play at this year's E3, DICE took to the stage to outline their plans for new content for Star Wars Battlefront II. As part of that content roadmap, a new update will be released today. Dubbed the Squad Update, the update will add a Squad System, more appearances, changes to ping site options, and matchmaking improvements.

New Trailer.

The new Squad System parties up to four players together in a match. If you've already met up with friends in the game's social hub or are in party chat on the Xbox, you'll be placed in a squad together when you join a game. Any remaining spaces will be filled with random players. Likewise, if you enter a match on your own, you will be randomly assigned a squad. Squads stay the same as long as players remain on the same map. As soon as the map is changed, squads will be reassigned. Groups of friends will stay together, but random players could be switched. If you join a game and your friends' squad is full because of random players, you will join their squad when the map is switched. The exception to this rule is Hero Showdown — joining this game mode in a four-player squad will ensure a private 2v2 match.

Squads also allow players to spawn on their team mates in the middle of the action by focusing on them in the spectator camera. This feature will only be available in the Galactic Assault and Strike game modes until the team is convinced it won't negatively impact smaller game modes. Voice chat will be turned off for random squads, although you can communicate with your friends through Xbox party chat or by using the in-game option.

Both the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps and the 104th “Wolf Pack” Battalion will be added as new squad appearances. Due to player feedback, both of these appearances will be receiving some "design changes" in the future, but this decision was made too late for today's update. You can read more details about that here.

Finally, there are some matchmaking changes. End of Round matchmaking will now mix players up more often, and will prioritise filling up existing servers rather than creating new ones. The ping site option also has a new default setting. Now players will be matched to any of the areas for which players have the best ping, meaning it should be quicker to find games.

The full Squad Update patch notes can be found in the spoiler below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

You should be able to squad up with your friends later today if all goes to plan.

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