Section 8: Prejudice Release Date Announced

By zigs00,
TimeGate Studios have confirmed that their upcoming downloadable shooter Section 8: Prejudice will be released on the Xbox Live Arcade on April 20th, priced at 1200 MSP. The GWFL version will release on the Games for Windows marketplace on May 4th.

The game includes three distinct modes: a five-hour, story-driven single player campaign; Swarm, a four-player co-op mode described as "shooter gameplay meets tower defense" and Conquest, a 32-player multiplayer, offering "highly customizable weapon and equipment loadouts, deep level progression and unlockable content systems." TimeGate also announced that the game will have dedicated servers for its multiplayer, in the hopes of eradicating lag and host advantages.

The developer also detailed the game's loyalty rewards program for players who were fans of the original Section 8. If you played the game on your gamertag, you'll instantly unlock Aegis Armor and the Reactive Plating upgrade. Players who reach Level 25 before April 20th will also unlock the Ablative Plating upgrade; players who reach Level 50 will unlock the Explosive Amplifier upgrade.
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