The Walking Dead: The Final Season Has Been Delisted, Called Temporary

By Mark Delaney,
Yet another wrinkle in the ongoing Telltale closure story is unfolding today, as store listings for digital content for The Walking Dead: The Final Season are coming down at Telltale's request.

On Xbox One, all but the demo for the game are currently unavailable for download unless you've already purchased the content you're looking for. On Windows 10, the complete season is still in the store, but it's likely that is a temporary oversight and may be removed at any moment. According to the game's store page on, the developer-publisher has requested "a temporary pause of sales" and directs people to stay up to date via their official Twitter page.

The nearly defunct studio announced just days ago that they're looking into finding a way to finishing the season after "multiple partners" came forward and offered to help. That news only led to more backlash as many decried the studio's focus on finishing the season with replacement staff following layoffs that came without warning or severance, according to many sources including firsthand ex-employee accounts.

The Walking Dead The Final Season

Some employees have gone so far as to file a class-action lawsuit against the company, which they say violated state labor laws when it let go of roughly 250 employees without the required 60-day warning or severance pay. It's getting messy for everyone. We'll keep monitoring the story and all its twists and turns.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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