Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores Guide - Earn Commendations in The Devil's Roar

By Mark Delaney, 3 months ago
The third major content update for Sea of Thieves releases today and it may present the most sizeable changes to the game so far. The world map is expanding to include 15 more islands in the all-new region of The Devil's Roar. You'll quickly find how it got its names when the local volcanoes, fireballs, geysers, and tremors rip apart your ship and harass your pirate almost unrelentingly. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to collect all three of the new commendation types, as well as provide tips on other new content coming with Forsaken Shores, like rowboats and seaposts.

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Optional Lore

As always with these time-limited campaigns, you are free to soak in all the lore or skip it almost entirely. For story completionists, you'll want to begin on Liar's Backbone and speak to a man who is using his spyglass, looking outward to parts unknown. His name is Stitcher Jim and he's well-versed in The Devil's Roar. He hints that there are dangerous islands east of The Wilds, which you may have already seen if you looked on your ship map. Head to these foreign shores and specifically to the new outpost, Morror's Peak, to speak to Captain Morrow, standing outside the tavern, who knows more about the legend of the Forsaken Shores Alliance.

This initiates what is really the main attraction for lore nerds. You'll need to find and investigate the dearly departed bodies of the five crewmates that died in The Devil's Roar. Among the fifteen new and extremely dangerous islands, five of them exist as the final resting places for the fateful crew. If you don't want spoilers, skip this next part, otherwise continue onward to discover their locations.

Locate the Forsaken Shores Alliance

There's a hint that regular Sea of Thieves scavenger hunters should pick up easily enough; most of the lifeless crewmates can be found on the Devil's Roar island bearing part of their name. Fetcher's Rest is home to Fetcher Farley on the west hill, Flintlock Peninsula is the resting place of Flintlock Bert left tragically pinned against a rock on the north shoreline, and Ruby Carter will be seen on Ruby's Fall in the middle of the island. The two that don't correspond with this trend are Old Coop, who is found on a northeast hill on Devil's Thirst, and Hepzibah Jones, who lies motionless on Forsaken Brink under a makeshift shelter in the center. Investigate each body to earn your Investigate commendations. If you're still in it for the story, both Stitcher Jim and Captain Morrow will have new dialogue options once you've found their entire crew across The Devil's Roar.

Remaining Commendations

After you've finished the story, the rest of the commendations will come naturally should you play enough. They are split into two other types aside from the investigation type you may have wrapped up by now: Discover and Voyage.

Discover commendations are earned for stepping foot on each of the 15 new islands. Bear in mind that's literal, however, so don't expect them to unlock just for you sailing up next to them.

Voyage commendations, meanwhile, unlock for completing milestone numbers of Devil's Roar quests, which can be retrieved exclusively at the local outpost, Morrow's Peak. You'll need to purchase (not find) and complete five Order of Souls and Gold Hoarders voyages each in this region to earn these three commendations.

Should you so wish, it's likely most time-efficient if you tackle each of these simultaneously. Buy your quests, sail to the needed islands, and just as you would in the main regions, you'll soon land on each island after enough pirating. Just be sure to investigate the alliance crewmates as you arrive on each of those five specific islands.

We're Gonna Need a Smaller Boat

One of the more exciting new tools for pirates to mess with is the rowboat. They'll be quite crucial when you're in The Devil's Roar as full-size ships are basically moving targets for the magma and fireballs that rain down upon all who cross into the region. They're found randomly throughout the world, not just in the new region either. When you find one, perhaps at one of the game's new seaposts (mini shops away from outposts) or on the shore of an island, you'll need to row it to the back of your ship to stow it for future use. How and when you use the rowboat is up to you, but we definitely recommend not getting too far into The Devil's Roar without one. It's only a matter of time until you're hit by "inclement weather."

If you do plan on sticking with your ship, be it by preference or necessity if you can't locate a rowboat, stock up on bananas and especially planks. The Devil's Roar is aptly named. Don't underestimate it!

There are other secrets and easter eggs Rare has teased that are still being discovered, and the commendations will change two weeks into this four-week event, so check back soon as we'll be updating this guide as needed through the campaign. We'll see you in The Devil's Roar!

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