No Man’s Sky Patch Adds New Community Research Mission

By Lucy Wood, 3 months ago
The latest update for No Man's Sky has added a new community research mission from the Space Anomaly, and also resolves some high priority issues.

Community Research Update

Specialist Polo’s research has taken a new direction this week, after their analysis of the Sentinel data yielded some surprising results. The Sentinels are tracking other anomalous signals, signals currently unknown to Nada and Polo.

They have pinpointed the location of what appears to be the echo of another Traveller-Entity. The Anomaly itself cannot travel to this location, for fear of further alerting the Sentinels. Polo asks for help in finding this mysterious being – or in finding whatever trace of them still remains in this reality…
Players participating in the community research mission will be rewarded with Quicksilver, which can be be exchanged for exclusive collectibles including:
  • Placeable portraits of Artemis and Null
  • Customisable tree varieties (fruit, spindle and evergreen)
No Man's Sky patch 1.61

Patch 1.61
  • Fixed a crash in the quick menu.
  • Added a warning message when attempting to upload a base which exceeds the existing server upload limit.
  • Fixed an issue where the build menu would occasionally switch to the quick menu.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple mission markers could appear over moving objects.
  • Fixed an issue on PS4 where players could join multiplayer sessions with players on a different patch version of the game.
  • Improved some translated text.
Patch 1.61 for No Man's Sky is live now, and the next update will focus on exocraft.

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