Battlefield V and Xbox Team Up to Reveal Medic and Recon Classes

By James Kearle, 6 months ago
As the world eagerly awaits Battlefield V and the series' return into the visceral chaos of World War II, Xbox has released an exclusive inside look into the first two classes you'll be able to play as, which are "Recon" and "Medic". They have also confirmed that "Support" and "Assault" classes are to return. Read on for the full low-down on what you can expect from the Recon and Medic classes, what weapons and gadgets you can use, and the various ways you'll be able to achieve victory.

Recon Class:
The Recon class is suited for soldiers who prefer to survey the battlefield with a long-distance rifle, providing covering protection and intelligence to edge their opponents in battle. With accuracy being "the name of the game", the primary focus on this class' weapon and gadget set is to provide both long and medium-range firepower. This can be used to identify enemies and defend key objectives from distance. The official overview is as follows:

Recon Class: Primary Weapons
• Bolt Action Rifles
• Self-Loading Rifles

Recon Class: Starter Gadgets
• Spotting Scope
• Bouncing Betty Bomb
The Recon class will also offer the ability to further specialize through two unique combat roles: Sniper and Pathfinder. More are currently planned to be added with post-launch content. See official details for the two launch combat roles below:

This default Combat Role helps you stay scoped-in on your target (or targets) even longer, giving you a perfect chance for a silent but deadly streak. Each headshot slightly extends the duration of your steadying breath, helping you keep your remaining enemies right in the crosshairs.

Sniper Traits
• Steady Hands: Keeps your rifle steady for longer when aiming down the sight.
• Expert Marksman: Steady duration is extended with each headshot kill.
This unlockable Combat Role takes you much closer to the action, helping you lead your squad to the fight even when battle shifts locations. Spawn on any Squad Leader on your team (not just your own), get the intel, and deploy a Spawn Beacon to bring the rest of your squad running. Create a new route, overrun an objective, or (with a little luck) deploy behind enemy lines to gain the upper hand.

Pathfinder Traits
• Advance Scouting: Spawn on friendly Squad Leaders and Spawn Beacons.
• Vanguard: Gain Requisition Points when someone spawns on your Spawn Beacon.

Medic Class:
For Medics, the mantra is "no man left behind". This class facilitates a more "cautious and thoughtful playstyle", which the primary objective of keeping their team-mates alive. This time, weapons and gadgets prioritize mid-range firepower to keep you alive long enough to treat your wounded, alongside some gadgets to provide you with some elusive cover whilst healing team-mates. The weapons on offer this time are as follows:

Medic Class: Primary Weapons
• Sub-Machine Guns

Medic Class: Starter Gadgets
• Medical Pouches
• Smoke Grenade Launcher
The Medic class will also have two combat roles available at launch: Field Medic and Combat Medic. Again, more combat roles are to be expected post-release.

Field Medic
This default Combat Role comes in very handy when the tide of battle turns against you and your teammates. Spot your buddies as they begin to fall and make a mad dash for each one, handing out as many Medical Pouches as you can. Not only will they praise you as a courageous healthcare practitioner, but you’ll also score additional Requisition Points, letting your team call in more Reinforcements faster.

Field Medic Traits
• Healer: Gain additional Requisition Points when you supply your teammates with Medical Pouches.
• Swift Effort: Sprint faster when you call out to downed friendlies.
Combat Medic

If you’re ready to be a bit more of a risk taker, this unlockable Combat Role may be perfect for you. The lower your Health, the faster you’ll sprint, either into the thick of the fight or as far away as you can get. All the while dispensing healing and revives to friends and a quick end to your enemies in melee combat.

Combat Medic Traits
• Mele Expert: Melee attacks automatically take out your enemies.
• Emergency Retreat: You sprint even faster when at critical Health.
E3 screenshots

Which class are you excited to play as when Battlefield V drops November 20th? Let us know in the comments.

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