The Harvest Festival Hall Halloween Event Returns to TERA

By Ozan Erhalac, 5 months ago
Halloween is just around the corner and TERA has started the annual event off early. For the rest of the month of October, players can take part in the Halloween event, aptly titled Harvest Festival Hall. Simply speak to Serena at the Eldritch Academy to start the event. Players will have to man the cannons to repel waves of enemies trying to steal the delicious Halloween Candy.

Serena will reward players for their troubles with Halloween Candy which can then be traded for various prizes, including the two exclusive event items: Boneshaker Mount and Boo the Ghost Pet.
The full list of prizes can be seen below:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Additionally, the in-game TERA store will feature special costume packs each week until the end of the event to help you get into the Halloween spirit. This week, players can purchase the Titan Force Costume Pack (for the gents) and the Devilicious Costume Pack (for the ladies). The full list of Costume Packs can be seen below:
  • Week 1: Devilicious/ Titan Force Costumes
  • Week 2: Nurse/Police Costumes
  • Week 3: Cowgirl/Wrestler Costumes
  • Week 4: Undead costumes (glowing skeletons and mummy outfit)
The Harvest Festival Hall is live right now until the end of October. Man the cannons, farm candies and exchange them for prizes. Happy trick or treating.

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