Just Cause 4 Spotlight Video Looks At The Black Hand

By Lucy Wood, 2 months ago
A new Spotlight video for Just Cause 4 focuses on the Solis private militia known as The Black Hand, described by developer Avalanche Studios as Rico's toughest enemies so far. The eight minute video starts with faction leader Gabriela Morales then moves on to look at the ten troop types she commands. Between them they rock a daunting array of abilities ranging from immunity to bullets to cloaking, and are sure to push Rico to his limits. Timestamps for individual enemies are provided below.

Gabriela Morales: 00:29
Ghost: 00:54
Sniper: 1:48
Titan: 2:11
Grenadier: 3:26
Super Elite: 4:08
Riot Shielder: 4:35
RPG Unit: 5:13
Machine Gunner: 5:51
Private: 6:14
Elite: 6:56
Just Cause 4 will be released on December 4th.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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