New Dead or Alive 6 Trailer Adds Bass, Tina and Mila To The Roster

By Ozan Erhalac, 2 months ago
Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja have revealed three more playable characters for their next game DEAD OR ALIVE 6 . This time around we have the father-daughter duo, Bass and Tina, as well as the Spanish MMA fighter Mila who first debuted in Dead or Alive 5.

Bass, 'The King of the Ring' is the series' pro-wrestler who uses his immense raw strength and versatile grappling and throwing techniques to overcome his enemies. Whilst Tina, 'The Superstar of a Thousand Dreams', also uses some of the same techniques as her father, she has received a new explosive slam and is proficient in throws and strikes. Meanwhile, Mila, 'The Hot-Blooded Champ' is recognized for her mixed-martial arts and utilizes orthodox strikes coupled with tackling techniques.

Additionally, a new stage has also been unveiled, dubbed 'The Muscle'. This new stage has been created especially for Bass and Tina. For DoA6, a normal stage is not enough. 'The Muscle' will feature electrified ropes and the steel pillars surrounding the ring will sputter fire during the fights.

For those that are interested in each character's personal data, click the spoiler tag below.
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Dead or Alive 6 will release on February 15th.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 achievements.
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