SMITE Change & Choices Patch Adds New Console UI and More

By Kelly Packard, 5 months ago
SMITE's newest console patch has arrived. Patch 5.18: Change & Choices brings a whole new look to the console user interface, the usual list of bug fixes and balance adjustments and the continuation of the Odyssey event.

The new UI also has a few quality-of-life changes for console players; for example, it now takes multiple button pushes to decline a queue, so no more accidentally declining the queue pop while clicking through the menus. Players can also select which items they'd like to be in their random select for things that can be randomized like announcer packs, music packs and more, so there are no longer worries about the Russian announcer pack they can't understand being randomly selected. Lastly, console players had some concerns about certain features of the new UI like the new role-calling system, and SMITE developer Titan Forge Studios has already announced they will be hot fixing the UI based on user feedback. Expect the hot fix the week of October 8th.

The yearly Odyssey event is continuing as well. New Odyssey items added with the Change & Choices patch include Oni Chernobog, Mystic Enchantress Nu Wa, Revenge Tech Nemesis, the Lo-Fi Hip Hop Music Theme and Battleworn Achilles (which is a collection reward). Other skins added are Pixel Lancer Skadi and the spooky Headless Norseman Loki.

To read the full patch notes for 5.18, see the official website here.

On Friday's patch notes show, newest goddess Hera was officially revealed, and she will be coming in patch 5.19, which should be launching in the next couple weeks.

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Kelly Packard
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