The Homecoming Overhaul Comes to Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

By Nicole René, 2 months ago
Despite spending a full 2 years in the beta stage of development, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is finally reaching the public this December, along with Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. With it comes the Homecoming overhaul that stands to revamp the beloved minigame from the original standalone, to what the developers consider "a complete rework" of the game. Watch the team below to see the changes first-hand.

For those unfamiliar with the future adaptation, the Homecoming overhaul is set to alter the existing board and decks of Gwent with aspects that differ from the original game. Specifically, deck building, game mechanics, and gameplay are set to change with the update:

Deck Building
  • The minimum amount of cards in your deck is 25.
  • Each card has its own Recruit Cost value, and decks will have a Recruit Cap.
  • Decks can consist of 1 copy of each Gold card. Bronzes are limited to 2 copies per deck. There are no Silvers.
  • The Artifact card type has been added.
Game Mechanics
  • Order Abilities have been added, as seen in the photo below.
  • Two types of Trap cards are available, both manual and automatic.
  • Reach value has been added to cards. In other words, how far it can reach with its ability.
  • Units summoned to the board do not trigger deploy abilities.
  • Some units now have row-specific abilities that won’t trigger if the card is played on a row other than the one specified.
  • Players will always draw 3 cards at the beginning of the round with a limit of 10 cards overall.
  • The Mulligan system now comes with a charge value that does not refresh.
  • Players who flip the coin and go first will receive a handicap of 1 Mulligan Charge and an Artifact card.
  • Leaders are no longer cards and are always present on the battlefield. They now use Order Abilities.
  • Players must now end their turn manually, due to Order Abilities.
  • Passing can only be done if there was no previous action. Players will also be forced to pass their turn if they are out of cards.
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

PC players have the option to test the Homecoming adaptations by visiting the official site. The testing will end on October 9th. Keep an eye out for Gwent's official release on December 4th. It's also available now as part of the Game Preview Program. The single player Thronebreaker experience will launch alongside it.

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