Mastiff Unveils Launch Trailer for Thai-Inspired Horror Title Home Sweet Home

By James Kearle,
San Franciscan publisher Mastiff, in partnership with independent developer Yggdrazil Group, has released a launch trailer announcing that their upcoming survival-horror game Home Sweet Home will be released digitally on Xbox One on October 16th. Mastiff has also confirmed that there will be a retail release, with physical copies of the game available exclusively from Gamestop stores across North America.

Home Sweet Home is a first-person survival horror game in a planned series of games, heavily based on the dark and mystical themes of Thai mythology. The protagonist Tim awakens after the mysterious disappearance of his wife, only to find that he is not in the comfort of his own home but instead trapped in a visceral and desolate place unbeknownst to him. As you try to escape as Tim and uncover the truth behind his wife's disappearance, you will encounter malevolent evil spirits and puzzles, with only your wits and intuition at your disposal to overcome them.

In addition to the release date announcement and launch trailer, Mastiff has also shared a selection of screenshots showcasing the dark and decrepit world you will explore in Home Sweet Home.

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James Kearle
Written by James Kearle
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