The Rise of SOULCALIBUR VI Revealed in Sword and Souls Documentary

By NicoleRenee00,
Celebrating the rise of the SoulCalibur Series, developer Namco has released a documentary that recounts the story behind the evolution of the famed fighting game and the community behind it. The narration explains the expansion of the series over time and the ideals set in place, specifically for the future installment of SOULCALIBUR VI .

The documentary also includes the thoughts of fans themselves, particularly, which games resonated the most with the community and what aspects each individual enjoyed from their favorite fighter. Footage is provided from earlier installments as well, allowing admirers to examine how far the series has come from its humble beginning.

Where did you start in the series? Will you be returning to the stage of history? Be sure to continue the story with SOULCALIBUR VI, arriving on October 19th. Pre-order your copy through the official site.

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