Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire DLC and Update 20 Underway

By Nicole René, 2 months ago
Likely to no one's disbelief, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is once again on its way with new DLC for players to invest their livelihood into. The last to join the MMO adventure was "Wolfhunter", a dungeon crawler complete with werewolves and Hircine's March of Sacrifices that released on August 28th. Following up on the previous release, "Murkmire" will be launching in November and gives players a chance to explore the treacherous marshes of Argonia.

Miremurk DLC

While investigating the Argonian homeland, players have the chance to learn the secrets of the Hist, acquire new gear and ancient relics, and prove their worth in the Blackrose Prison arena. A prologue adventure is already available for those seeking the escapade early, and rewards for completing these quests range from typical reward boxes to Swamp Jelly fragments that combine to create a squishy little pal. Arriving alongside the DLC is also Update 20, which seeks to bring more aspects of balance to gameplay and add a few improvements to home editing features among other things, such as the addition of music boxes in-game.

Miremurk DLC

The "Murkmire" prologue will be available to all ESO Plus members and for purchase with crowns from the in-game Crown Store. In addition, ESO players can acquire the "Murkmire" DLC for free as a Daily Reward in November simply by logging in for a total of 24 days in the month. The prologue can be accessed either from the Crown Store or from the Cyrodilic Collections' "Help Wanted" posters found in the cities of Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon's Watch.

The "Murkmire" DLC itself will reach consoles on November 6th.

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