Exclusive Xbox Interviews with Bethesda Provide More Details on Fallout 76

By James Kearle, 2 months ago
Fallout 76 has had a pre-release cycle unlike most of its AAA counterparts. With many fans of the series eagerly anticipating Bethesda's prompt return to the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise, and others apprehensive of how multiplayer functionality will compliment their beloved wasteland, Fallout 76 is a game that hasn't left conversation since its reveal at E3. With its pending release on November 14th, Xbox's Major Nelson sat down with Pete Hines, Vice-President of Marketing and PR at Bethesda Softworks, to discuss Fallout 76 and the wastes of West Virginia in a two-part interview series.

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The first interview discusses Fallout 76's multiplayer functionality. With the interviews conducted at the Greenbriers Resort, the role the resort will play in the game is specified. Players who wish to rain destruction over the mountain state will bring their nuclear launch codes to Greenbrier in order to launch missiles anywhere on the map. From here, Pete Hines re-acknowledges that the game is designed to be played however you choose, be that as a lone ranger, with friends, or with random people in the world. A feature discussed at length in pre-launch content is also reiterated here — no NPC humans will be featured in the game. All interactions with other humans will be with real people, and the maximum capacity of each server will be set to 24.

To ease the transition into multiplayer, the duo moves on to discuss how you can now fast travel at any time, not just when enemies aren't nearby. If you're a pacifist or don't want to get shot, you can fast travel elsewhere without having to defeat your foes or risk death. General fast travel will require you to pay caps, paying more depending on how far away your chosen destination is. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, you can fast travel to your camp or to one of your group members for free if you so desire. This is to facilitate the balance of encouraging people to explore, whilst also not punishing people who want to return to their group after treading off the beaten path.

The second interview focuses more on workshop functionality in Fallout 76. Reminding gamers that the map will be four times the size of Boston in Fallout 4, the interview goes through the alterations to workshop mechanics and your new C.A.M.P. tool. This portable device can be placed anywhere in the world to build anything you want, which can be moved at the price of some caps. Bethesda has also taken the liberty of creating a series of public workshops around the world. These workshops can be claimed after killing enemies around the area, providing free resources once claimed. Once the new inhabitants go offline, the workshop is available to be reclaimed again.

The interview concludes with Pete Hines introducing the new "atoms" currency, which are challenge rewards you get for virtually everything you do in Fallout 76. These atoms can be used as currency for cosmetic items to customize your character, and pre-orders will credit you with 500 atoms.

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