Remedy Share Info on the Old and New Federal Bureau of Control Directors

By Richard Dobson, 2 months ago
The fifth dev diary for Control has been released after its' reveal at E3 2018. Remedy have already discussed story, gameplay, The Oldest House and protagonist Jesse Faden.

This time, they look at the relationship between Jesse and former Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, Zachariah Trench. Trench has an air of mystery about him that he is keen to uphold, but Jesse is determined to break down. With insights from Eevi Korhonen and Sam Lake we start to learn more about the hierarchy of the FBC and its' internal politics.

The voice of Max Payne, James McCaffrey, is returning to Remedy as the voice of Trench and can be seen discussing the character in the video below

Control is scheduled to launch on Xbox One next year.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Control achievements.
Richard Dobson
Written by Richard Dobson
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