Gunfire Games Announces the Darksiders Lore Series

By Nicole René, 2 months ago
Darksiders III is near the deadline of release, and developers from Gunfire Games have returned to introduce a new video series to the fans. An official lore collection will now be available for prior enthusiasts of the Darksiders series to re-immerse themselves in the history of the games.

The focus of the newest addition is the Charred Council, a name that's certainly not new to the Darksiders universe. They are responsible for maintaining balance and order of celestial forces, and Gunfire Games has promised that their role will only grow with Darksiders III. Two more lore videos are also on the way, and each will recount a key piece of background information that will reappear in the upcoming release.

Darksiders III is set to release on November 27th. Pre-ordering is available through the official site. Be sure to look out for the next lore video released.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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