Stranded Deep Delayed Until Further Notice

By NicoleRenee00,
Due to current events, Stranded Deep won't be making the October 9th release date that developers had previously promised. Both Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game have been pulled from the store until further notice, according to the team's twitter status.

Obviously, the unforeseen event disclosed was the untimely end of Telltale Games, which was previously publishing the seafaring survival game. Stranded Deep will likely remain stagnant until funding returns, but there's always the possibility of another publisher stepping in.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, players take the role of a plane crash survivor tasked with finding their way home from a deserted island while avoiding the dangers at sea. Crafting, building, and other survival aspects were key features in the game, and developers had placed special focus on the "definitive ending" that allowed players to live beyond survival and see the end of the game.

For now, we'll keep an eye out for any developments into Stranded Deep and possible release dates in the future.

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