Sea of Thieves Gets Cargo Runs but Moves Away from Weekly Updates

By Rebecca Smith, 2 months ago
When "Forsaken Shores" was released for Sea of Thieves two weeks ago, developer Rare promised that they'd be delivering cargo runs during the third week of the event. They've kept to that promise and this week's patch has indeed brought along the new missions. There's also a variety of gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Cargo Runs

The full patch notes can be seen in the spoiler below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Up until now, the team has (mostly) managed to maintain a weekly update schedule, with each patch bringing new gameplay features and quality of life improvements. After six months, though, the team has decided to re-evaluate the way they update the game. Instead of rushing out updates with small amounts of content, or which may introduce more bugs into the game, the team will now be focusing on "updates with maximum player value".

These new updates will not be appearing weekly. After listening to player feedback, the team realised that some of the weekly updates didn't really contain enough changes to justify taking the game offline every week. Instead, they'll now be focusing on "major content updates, Bilge Rat Adventures, major bug fixes and quality of life improvements" that deliver more changes on a less-frequent timescale. The game's Pioneer program will also be used more extensively for players to help the team test new features and improvements before they go live, an attempt to stamp out bugs and other issues before they're introduced into the main game. As an incentive to players, the team will be improving the program to make it easier for players to join, as well as offering rewards for those who do.

The next update will arrive when the Festival of the Damned Bilge Rat Adventure begins. This in-game festival celebrates the Ferryman, the Captain of the Ferry of the Damned and the person that returns downed pirates back to the world they just left. Details on this adventure have been promised for next week, but for now, you can listen to Executive Producer Joe Neate explain why the team has chosen their new update strategy.

Cargo Runs are available now. We'll be sure to let you know when we hear more about the Festival of the Damned Bilge Rat Adventure.

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