The Coalition Fixes Gears of War 2 Photojournalist Achievement Again

By Rebecca Smith, 6 months ago
The Photojournalist achievement in Gears of War 2 has a bit of a storied history. The ability to upload screenshots in the game keeps breaking, preventing players from earning said achievement. The last fix for this gameplay feature meant players could unlock the achievement as late as May 2018, when it broke again. If you're one of the nearly 150K players we have on site who haven't yet unlocked this achievement, now's the time to pay attention. The Coalition has fixed it again, meaning the achievement is currently obtainable.

Gears of War 2PhotojournalistThe Photojournalist achievement in Gears of War 2 worth 15 pointsSubmit a spectator photo

It is unknown for how long the fix will remain in place. The Coalition has stated they will keep the achievement online for as long as they can, but at some point they'll have to stop supporting an achievement in a game that celebrates its 10th birthday next month. Both The Coalition and us here at TA recommend you get on this achievement sooner rather than later.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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