Walkthroughs Update: September 2018

By Dang3R Gaming, 6 months ago
Hey all,

Our new overseers have been settling in nicely to the team and their new roles. Other than that, it's been a usual month here on the walkthrough side of things, maybe a little quieter than last month. At the time of writing this, we're also very close to hitting 2000 published walkthroughs!

As always, we have posts to volunteer for writing, porting, and improving walkthroughs for people interested in helping out the community. We are always glad to help out the newest writers getting down to their first ones. Please don't hesitate to volunteer.

Volunteer to Write a New One - Volunteer to write a walkthrough

Volunteer to Port a Walkthrough - Volunteer to port a walkthrough

Volunteer to Complete a Walkthrough Requiring a New Owner - Walkthroughs that require new owners

Volunteer to Improve a Walkthrough - Volunteer to Improve a Published Walkthrough

With that out of the way, lets move onto the walkthroughs published in September! dance


There were 26 walkthroughs published in September! Ports are marked with a (*)

Xbox One
Windows Phone/Misc
Windows 8/10
A big thank you to everyone once again!