Latest Gameplay Stream for Hunt: Showdown Heads to the Swamps

By Nicole René, 6 months ago
Yet another gameplay video is available for Hunt: Showdown, the bounty hunting first-person shooter that was announced nearly four years ago. Once again, the stream is provided by the Community Manager Janneke as she traverses the Louisiana swamps, showcasing some of the weapons, hunters, and creatures to expect with the release.

For those new to the story, Hunt: Showdown is a high-risk and high-reward online experience where players compete in teams for bounties on grotesque creatures that dwell within the wilds. Whether you hunt for power, glory, or for survival, you'll be required to stay alive to save both your equipment and your soul in this western-styled adventure.

Unfortunately, there is still no new content to announce for the game, nor has there been any news about a release date. But we'll keep an eye out in the meantime. Hunt: Showdown is still expected before 2019.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Hunt: Showdown achievements.
Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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